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A treatise of algebra, both historical and practical ... : with some additional treatises I. of the cono-cuneus; being a body representing in part a conus, an part a cuneus ; II. of angular sections; and other things relating there unto, and to Trigonometry ; III. of the angle of contact; with other things appertaining to the composition of magnitudes, the inceptive of magnitudes, and the composition of motions, with the results thereof ; IV. of combination, alternations, and aliquot parts / by John Wallis
Auteur, CollaborateurCaswell, John < Mathematiker > [1655-1712] __searchWikipediaForJohn Caswell ; Wallis, John < Mathematiker, Grossbritannien > [1616 - 1703] __searchWikipediaForJohn Wallis
Adresse bibliographiqueLondon : printed by John Playford, 1685
Collation374 S., 17 S., 176 S., 17 S. ; 33 cm
Lieu de conservationETH-Bibliothek Zürich, Rar 9087
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