Terms and conditions of use

The partner institutions make their digital documents available for downloading on the e-rara.ch portal, whenever possible free of charge. The type of licence and the terms and conditions of use are stated individually for each document. Two types of licence are distinguished:

  • Copyright in a work has expired: The published documents are in the public domain and can be used without restriction. The documents are provided with the Public Domain Mark. They may be freely used for scientific, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes.

  • Rights of use reside with the partner institutions: Provided the source is stated, the published documents may be freely used for scientific, private, non-commercial and commercial purposes and passed on under the same conditions in the event of changes. The source can be found in the title view. The documents are licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.

It is desirable that the persistent links DOI offered by e-rara.ch should be used, e.g. http://dx.doi.org/10.3931/e-rara-8490.

The precise source must be stated whenever any document or part of any document is used or reproduced. The source can be found in the title view. The holding institution should be provided with a specimen copy.

It is also possible to order digital files in high-resolution TIFF format (usually at least 300 dpi). Digital files are administered and archived by the holding institutions and may be ordered directly from them. This service is subject to a charge in accordance with the institutions’ scales of charges.

Information on copyright

The documents published on e-rara.ch are digital reproductions of works generally in the public domain. If an e-rara.ch partner institution mistakenly publishes digital files that are not in the public domain, you are asked to contact e-rara.ch on contact@e-rara.ch.

Exclusion of liability

All information is provided with no guarantee as to completeness or accuracy. The user is responsible for complying with copyright provisions. Neither e-rara.ch nor the partner institutions accept any liability for the unlawful use of digital files or for losses resulting from the use of information in this portal or from the absence of such information. Users release the ETH Library as administrator of the e-rara.ch portal from any claims resulting from breach of copyright or other intellectual property rights.