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    Effigies Paraselci Medici Celeberrimi

    Rubens, Peter Paul [1577-1640] ; Gaywood, Richard
    [England] : P Stent Excud ; Sould by John Overton at the white horse neere the fountaine tavern without Newgate, [zwischen 1644 und 1662?]
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    Gvilhelmi Prynn Angli Armigeri Aulæ Lincolniensis

    Fvlcimentum Gladii Christianorum Regum, Principum, & Magistratuum: Quo ipsorum Hæreticos, Idololatras, Schismaticos, Sectarum Authores, & Blasphemos, pro criminis grauitate puniendi Avthoritas, Ivs, Ac Potestas Testimoniis Veteris & Noui Testamenti: Edictis & Praxi Christianorum Imperatorum, Regum, Statuum & Magistratuum: Sanctionibus item & Statutis Regni Angliæ: Consensu denique optimorum tàm Veteris, quàm recentioris Ecclesiæ Doctorum, & Politicorum : Contra hodiernos Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ Turbatores, veterum Donatistarum, & Monasteriensium Anabaptistarum æmulos, solidißimè vindicatur
    Prynne, William [1600-1669] ; Meyer, Wolfgang [1577-1653]
    [Basel?] : [Verlag nicht ermittelbar], Anno M. DC. XLIX
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    Hans von Zürch Goltshmidt

    Holbein, Hans [1497-1543] ; Hollar, Wenzel [1607-1677] ; Borcht, Hendrick van der [1614-1666]
    [England] : WHollar fecit, 1647
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    Henry Fuseli, Esq

    Dean, T. A. < Künstler, Stecher > [aktiv 1773-1830] ; Harlow, George Henry [1787-1819]
    [England], [zwischen 1817 und 1830]
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    Hy. Fuseli

    Lewis, Frederick Christian [1779-1856] ; Newton, Gilbert Stuart [1794-1835]
    [England], [ca. 1820?]
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    John Knowles

    Landseer, Charles [1799-1879]
    [England], [1825]
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    A new mapp of the kingdome of England

    representing the princedome of Wales, and other provinces, cities, market towns, with the roads from town to town. and the number of reputed miles between them, are given by inspection without scale or compass : with priviledge of y.e States Generalls
    At Amsteldam [Amsterdam] : printed and given out by Nicolas Visscher upon the Dam at the signe of the fisher ; by Iohn Overton at the white horse without Newgate ; and are to be sould at London, [nach 1677]
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    The place and value of the Kindergarten

    in a complete Scheme of Education : a Paper read before the Educational Congress held by the King Alfred School Society, May, 1903
    Schepel, A. H. ; King Alfred School (Hampstead, London, England) ; Educational Congress
    [England] : [s.n.], [1903]
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    The peace conference

    Leisch, R. P. [?]
    [England?] : [Verlag nicht ermittelbar], [nicht nach 1891]
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    Ulricus Zuinglius

    [England] : Gospel Mag., 1767