1673 Titles for Place = London

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    1 Brief an Johann Kaspar Bluntschli

    Sheldon-Amos, ... ; Bluntschli, Johann Kaspar
    London, [[18]75]
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    1. K. Henry VI. Act 5. Sc. 3

    Enter Fiends - La Pucelle. See! they forsake me.-
    Füssli, Johann Heinrich [1741-1825] ; Lee, [John?]
    [London] : Publish'd by C. & F. Rivington London, Dec[ember] 15. 1803
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    A collection of letters illustrative of the progress of science in England ...

    Halliwell, James Orchard
    London : by R. and J. E. Taylor, 1841
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    A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 in the Southern Provinces of North America

    Tarleton, Banastre [1754-1833]
    London : printed for T. Cadell, MDCCLXXXVII [1787]
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    A monograph of the British Eocene flora

    Gardner, John Starkie ; Ettingshausen, Constantin von [1826-1897]
    London : printed for the Palaeontographical Society, 1879-1880
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    A monograph on the fossile balanidae and verrucidae of Great Britain

    Darwin, Charles
    London : Printed for the palaeontographical society, 1854
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    A new and enlarged military dictionary

    or, alphabetical explanation of technical terms : containing, among other matter, a succinct account of the different systems of fortification, tactics, & c. : also the various french phrases and words that have an immediate, or relative, connection with the british service, or may tend to give general information on military subjects in either language
    James, Charles
    London : printed for T. Egerton, at the Military Library, 1805
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    A Servant Maid of Zurich

    Gatine, Georges Jacques
    101 Strand [London] : at R. Ackermann's, Nov. 1. 1817
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    A six months tour through the north of England

    containing, an account of the present state of agriculture, manufactures and population, in several counties of this kingdom ...
    Young, Arthur [1741-1820]
    London : W. Strahan [etc.], 1771
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    A Treatise on the Management of Bees

    wherein is containded the Natural History of those Insects : with the various methods of cultivating them, both Antient and Modern and the improved Treatment of them : to which are added the Natural History of Wasps and Hornets, and the Means of destroying them
    Wildman, Thomas
    London : printed for the Author, and sold by T. Cadell, 1768