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    The anatomy, physiology, morphology and development of the blow-fly (Calliphora Erythrocephala)

    a study in the comparative anatomy and morphology of insects
    Lowne, B. T. [1839-1925] ; Escher-Kündig, Emilie [1844-1921] ; Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Entomologische Sammlung
    London : published for the Author by R.H. Porter, 1890-1895
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    The Britannia and Conway tubular bridges

    with general inquiries on beams and on the properties of materials used in construction
    Clark, Edwin
    London : published for the author, by John Weale, 1850
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    Designs of Chinese buildings, furniture, dresses, machines, and utensils

    engraved by the best hands, from the originals drawn in China by Mr.(William) Chambers : to which is annexed, a description of their temples, houses, gardens, &c. = Desseins des edifices, meubles, habits, machines et ustenciles des Chinois; gravés sur les originaux dessinés à la Chine par Mr.(Guillaume) Chambers; auxquels est ajoutée une description de leurs temples, de leurs maisons, de leurs jardins, &c
    Chambers, William [1723-1796]
    London : published for the author, 1757