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    A treatise of artificial magnets

    in which is shewn an easy and expeditious method of making them, superior to the best natural ones, and also, a way of improving the natural ones and of changing or converting their poles. Diretions are likewise given for making the mariner's needles in the best form, and for touching them most advantageously, etc
    Michell, John [1724-1793]
    Cambridge : printed by J. Bentham ..., 1750
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    Bernhardi Vareni ... Geographia generalis

    in qua affectiones generales telluris expliantur ...
    Varenius, Bernhardus [1622-1650] ; Newton, Isaac [1643-1727]
    Cantabrigiae : ex officina Ioanne Hayes, 1681
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    Catalogus Plantarum Circa Cantabrigiam nascentium

    In quo exhibentur quotquot hactenus inventae sunt, quae vel sponte proveniunt, vel in agris feruntur : Una cum Synonymis selectioribus, locis natalibus & observationibus quibusdam oppido raris : Adjiciuntur in gratiam tyronum, Index Anglico-latinus, Index locorum Etymologia nominum, & Explicatio quorundam terminorum
    Ray, John [1627-1705]
    Cantabrigiae : Excudebat Joann. Field, celeberrimae Academiae Typographus, Impensis Gulielmi Nealand, Bibliopolae, Ann. Dom. 1660
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    A complete system of opticks ...

    a popular, a mathematical, a mechanical, and a philosophical treatise : to which are added remarks upon the whole
    Smith, Robert [1689-1768]
    Cambridge : printed for the author, and sold there by Cornelius Crownfield, MDCCXXXVIII [1738]
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    The elements of algebra in ten books

    Saunderson, Nicholas [1682-1739]
    Cambridge : printed at the University-Press, 1740
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    An Introduction To Arithmetic And Algebra

    Manning, Thomas [1772-1840] ; Nicholson, John [1730-1796] ; Deighton, John ; Lunn, William Henry [ca. 17XX-1815]
    Cambridge : Printed by Benjamin Flower : And Sold By Nicholson, Lunn, And Deighton ..., MDCCXCVI
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    Meditationes Analyticæ

    Waring, Edward [1734-1798] ; Nicholson, John [1730-1796] ; Rivington, John [1720-1792] ; Fletcher, James < der Ältere > [1710-1795] ; Prince, Daniel [ca. ca. 1711-1796]
    Cantabrigiæ : Typis Academicis : Excudebat J. Archdeacon : Veneunt apud J. Nicholson, Cantabrigiæ; J. Rivington & Filios, Londini; et J. & J. Fletcher, et D. Prince & Co. Oxon., MDCCLXXXV
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    Miscellanea Analytica, De Æquationibus Algebraicis, Et Curvarum Proprietatibus

    Waring, Edward [1734-1798] ; Woodyer, John ; Thurlbourn, William [-1768]
    Cantabrigiæ : Typis Academicis : Excudebat J. Bentham : Veneunt apud Gul. Thurlbourn & J. Woodyer ... Cantabrigiæ ..., M.DCC.LXII
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    Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica

    Newton, Isaac [1643-1727] ; Cotes, Roger [1682-1716] (Ed.)
    Cantabrigiæ : [Cornelius Crownfield], MDCCXIII