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    A treatise of artificial magnets

    in which is shewn an easy and expeditious method of making them, superior to the best natural ones, and also, a way of improving the natural ones and of changing or converting their poles. Diretions are likewise given for making the mariner's needles in the best form, and for touching them most advantageously, etc
    Michell, John [1724-1793]
    Cambridge : printed by J. Bentham ..., 1750
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    Ploutarchou peri Isidos kai Osiridos =

    Plutarchi de Iside et Osiride liber: Graece et Anglice : accesserunt Xylandri, Baxteri, Bentleii, Marklandi coniecturae et emendationes
    Plutarchus [45-120] ; Squire, Samuel [1713-1766] ; Xylander, Wilhelm [1532-1576] ; Baxter, William [1650-1723] ; Bentley, Richard [1662-1742] ; Markland, Jeremiah [1693-1776]
    Cantabrigiae : typis Academicis, 1744
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    Poems on several occasions

    Wesley, Samuel [1766-1837]
    Cambridge : printed by J. Bentham ... for J. Brotherton in Cornhill, and S. Birt ... London, 1743