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    Euclid's elements of geometry

    chiefly from the text of Dr Simson, with explanatory notes; together with a selection of geometrical exercises from the senate-house and college examination papers; to which is prefixed an introduction, containing a brief outline of the history of geometry : designed for the use of the higher forms in public schools and students in the universities ; An appendix to the larger edition of Euclid's elements of geometry
    Potts, Robert (Ed.)
    Cambridge : printed at the University Press ; John W. Parker ; London, M.DCCC.XLV.-M.DCCC.XLVII. [1845-1847]
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    Meditationes Analyticæ

    Waring, Edward [1734-1798] ; Nicholson, John [1730-1796] ; Rivington, John [1720-1792] ; Fletcher, James < der Ältere > [1710-1795] ; Prince, Daniel [ca. ca. 1711-1796]
    Cantabrigiæ : Typis Academicis : Excudebat J. Archdeacon : Veneunt apud J. Nicholson, Cantabrigiæ; J. Rivington & Filios, Londini; et J. & J. Fletcher, et D. Prince & Co. Oxon., MDCCLXXXV
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    Miscellanea Analytica, De Æquationibus Algebraicis, Et Curvarum Proprietatibus

    Waring, Edward [1734-1798] ; Woodyer, John ; Thurlbourn, William [-1768]
    Cantabrigiæ : Typis Academicis : Excudebat J. Bentham : Veneunt apud Gul. Thurlbourn & J. Woodyer ... Cantabrigiæ ..., M.DCC.LXII