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    Abra-mule, or, Love and empire

    a tragedy
    Trapp, Joseph [1679-1747]
    London : printed for the company, [s.a.]
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    Élemens De Géometrie

    Simpson, Thomas [1710-1761]
    A Paris : De l'Imprimerie de Vincent, ..., M DCC LV
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    An essay on insurances ...

    Magens, Nicolas
    London : printed by J. Haberkorn and sold by W. Baker, MDCCLV [1755]
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    An Essay Towards A Natural History Of The Corallines And Other Marine Productions Of Like Kind, Commonly found On the Coasts of Great Britain and Ire [...]

    To which is added The Description of a large Marine Polype taken near the North Pole, by Whale-fishers, in the Summer 1753
    Ellis, John [1710-1776]
    London : Printed for the author : And Sold by A. Millar, in the Strand, J. and J. Rivington, in St. Paul's Church-Yard, and R. and J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall, M.DCC.LV
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    Leben und Thaten der Admirale und anderer berühmter Britannischer Seeleute

    worin, nebst ihren persönlichen Lebensumständen, und einer Beschreibung ihrer dem gemeinen Wesen geleisteten Dienste, eine neue und wahrhafte Geschichte der Seemacht der Engländer seit den ältesten Zeiten, und ein klarer Beweis von ihrem beständigen Rechte und Besitze der Herrschaft über das Britannische Meer, imgleichen viele merkwürdige Nachrichten von ihrer Handlung, ihren Entdeckungen und Pflanzörtern, enthalten sind
    Campbell, John [1708-1775] ; Luzac, Elie [1723-1796] ; Weidmannsche Buchhandlung
    Leipzig : in der Weidmannschen und zu Göttingen in Elias Luzac Handlung, 1755
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    a tragedy
    Fenton, Elijah [1683-1730]
    London : printed for the Company of Booksellers, [s.a.]
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    Mathematical lucubrations

    containing new improvements in various branches of the mathematics
    Landen, John
    London : printed for J. Nourse, 1755
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    Mechanick-powers: or, the mistery of nature and art unvail'd

    shewing what great things may be perform'd by mechanick engines, in removing and raising bodies of vast weights with little strength, or force; and also the making of machines, or engines, for raising of water, draining of grounds, and several other uses ...
    Mandey, Venterus ; Moxon, James
    London : printed for the authors, and sold by Ven. Mandey ... and James Moxon ..., [17--]
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    The natural history of Norway

    containing, a particular and accurate account of the temperature of the air, the different soils, waters, vegetables, metals, minerals, stones, beasts, birds, and fishes : together with the dispositions, customs, and manner of living of the inhabitants : interspersed with physiological notes from eminent writers, and transactions of academies ...
    Pontoppidan, Erik [1698-1764]
    London : printed for A. Linde ..., 1755
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    The plain-dealer

    a comedy
    Wycherley, William [1640-1716]
    London : printed for the company, [s.a.]