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    <An> account of the Romansh language

    Planta, Joseph [1744-1827]
    [London] : [Verlag nicht ermittelbar], 1775
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    Agriculture delineated: or, the farmer's complete guide

    being a treatise on lands in general: shewing the best methods of cultivating and improving the different soils, for the raising of wheat, barley, oats, pease, beans, vetches, lentils, turnips, &c. &c. / also, remarks on the management of natural and artificial grasses, and directions for plowing, sowing, manuring, &c. according to the new and old husbandry. With comparisons made from experimental observations
    Harrison, Gustavus [18. Jht]
    London : printed for the author, and sold by J. Wilkie, MDCCLXXV [1775]
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    A discourse on the torpedo

    delivered at the anniversary meeting of the Royal Society, November 30, 1774
    Pringle, John [1707-1782]
    London : printed for the Royal Society, 1775
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    Experiments and observations on different kinds of air

    Philosophical empiricism, containing remarks on a charge of plagiarism respecting Dr. H. interspersed with various oberservations relating to different kinds of air
    Priestley, Joseph [1733-1804]
    London : printed for J. Johnson, 1775-1777
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    Geodaesia improved; or, a new and correct method of surveying made exceeding easy in two parts

    part I. Teacheth to measure, divide, and delineate, any quantity of land both accessible and inaccessible, whether meadows, pasture, fields, woods, water, commons, forests, manors, &c. by the chain only, whose dimensions are cast up by the pen, and consequently freed from the errors of estimation that unavoidably attend the scale and protractor. With necessary directions to map elegantly : part II. Introduces instruments, trigonometry, preparative remarks on the earth's superficies; and teacheth the invaluable method of casting up the dimensions of instruments by the pen several ways, all agreeing, &c. &c. : with a most useful appendix concerning the practical methods of measuring timber, hay'marl pits, bricklayers and plasterers work...
    Burn, A.
    London : printed for T. Evans, 1775
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    Histoire Des Plantes De La Guiane Françoise, Rangées Suivant La Méthode Sexuelle, Avec Plusieurs Mémoires Sur différens objets intéressans, relatifs à [...]

    Aublet, Jean Baptiste Christophe Fusée [1720-1778] ; Didot, Pierre François [1732-1795]
    A Londres, & se trouve A Paris : Chez Pierre-François Didot jeune, ..., M.DCC.LXXV
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    Hydrostatical and pneumatical lectures

    Cotes, Roger [1682-1716] ; Smith, Robert (A cura di)
    London : printed for J. Nourse, MDCCLXXV. [1775]