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15th century Swiss prints

16th century Swiss prints

17th century Swiss prints

18th century Swiss prints

19th century Swiss prints

Alchemy, Magic and Kabbalah (Foundation of the Works of C.G.Jung)

Illustrated works on anatomy (BPU Neuchâtel)

18th and 19th century Bernensia (UB Bern)

Bibleikon (Bibliothèque des Pasteurs)

The Library of the Naturforschende Gesellschaft Zürich

17th century Italian poetry and prose (Biblioteca Salita dei Frati)


Rheinau Monastery


Swiss children’s books and books for young people (SIKJM)

18th and 19th century editions printed in Ticino (Biblioteca Salita dei Frati)

Vitruviana (Bibliothek Werner Oechslin)

Works on birds (BPU Neuchâtel)

Works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Bibliothèque de Genève)

Historical scientific literature (ETH Library)