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Founded in 1848, the Cantonal Library of Fribourg became Cantonal and University Library in 1909. One of its responsibilities is to collect and archive any publication printed in the Canton of Fribourg (in accord with the 1974 legal deposit act). The holdings of the rare books collection mainly originate from former religious houses of the Canton of Fribourg, in particular from the Cistercians in Hauterive, the Eremitics of St. Augustine in Fribourg, the Jesuit College of Saint Michael and the Carthusians in La Part-Dieu, but also from the Economic Society. Donations by the Capuchins in Fribourg and Bulle, the Visitandines in Fribourg or the patrician family Castella de Delley have contributed to the collection in more recent times. The BCU Fribourg holds 556 incunabula, 3’600 volumes from the 16th, 10’500 from the 17th and 38’000 from the 18th century. 46 titles printed 1585 and after have been digitized as part of the e-rara project.



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Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire BCU
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Kantons- und Universitätsbibliothek KUB
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